My Recording Journey: Artwork and Pictures

A Part of the recording process, which has nothing to do with recording, is for the musician or band to design the cover art, cd jacket, and cd tray. From what I have been reading, and researching, this will probably come to an end in the very near future. Even as Vinyl makes what some would call a comeback, the days of having a physical copy of the music you own and listen to appears to be short-lived. Some of the articles and opinions I have read have even alluded to “streaming only” based music services.

Ok, that is a bit out of the scope of my blog. I’ll re-route my wandering mind back to the pictures on the front and back of my cd “I am Free”. When I was thinking of what kind of artwork I wanted to display on my album, my first thought was to have an artist draw a few pictures to represent my songs. This appeared to be a good option, though it can be a very expensive one as well.

My second thought, was to use photographs. I knew that it was common for a musician to have a picture of themselves on the front cover, posing with their guitar and looking off into the distance. I decided to use that familiar look on the inside of the 4-panel insert.

As I gave the matter some more thought and consideration, I decided to look through photo album’s for a few pictures that would give people an idea what the songs on “I am Free” are about. Eventually, I found some images in my personal collection that I believed would adequately represent my songs, and leave a lasting first impression.

I chose two pictures from a vacation my wife and I took, when we visited Glacier National Park. To be honest, the pictures barely represent what it’s like to experience the park in living color. Glacier National Park is quite breath-taking. I believe it is a prime example of God’s visible glory. The process I used to choose the album cover and back of the cd tray went something like this: Most of the songs on the album have a common theme, I felt that it was important to choose a cover that would adequately portray God’s power and glory. I read through the titles and lyrics to each of the songs on “I am Free”, and began to narrow down the pictures I had of the Park. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the mountain and waterfall picture would be an excellent illustration of God’s power and Glory. I felt that those two images would be a great representation of the songs and the album as a whole. What better captures “the Power of His Glory” than the feeling you have when standing before an enormous mountain?  What can compete with the feeling of “I am free” when standing on that mountain and looking out over a valley filled with waterfalls and lush green grass?  In my personal experience, nothing brings us closer to being “In His Presence” than taking in the majesty of His Creation.

There you have it. A little glimpse into the process of choosing the artwork for “I am Free”. If you have a moment and would like to share your thoughts on the photographs on the front and back of my cd, or your impressions on the music. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reply here at wordpress, or contact me at reverbnation or facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

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A quick update

I wanted to let everyone know that my album “I am Free” is available for mp3 download through various digital services. Here are a few links to three different sites where you can find “I am Free”. If you enjoy the music, please leave a review!


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